Christmas 2022: 8 Under-Rs-500 Gift Ideas for Office Secret Santas

Office friends love personalised planners. It will aid in time management, creativity, and scheduling.

Personal Planner

Mugs make great gifts for coworkers. Choose a ceramic mug based on the other person's interests. 

Stunning Mugs

A bookmark is the perfect gift for bookworm coworkers. If you have a bibliophile coworker, choose some cool bookmarks to make reading more fun

Magnetic Bookmarks

Some coworkers decorate their desks with lovely frames. Why not give them a colourful, inspiring quote frame for their desk or home?

For Decorators: Wall Art

We all have a chocolate-obsessed friend. Hot chocolate mix makes a great gift.

Dark Chocolate Lover

Mason jar cookie mixes are simple, adorable, and tasty. They can be personalised holiday gifts.

Mason jar cookie mix

Key finders are perfect gifts for office key losers. You can sync a key finder with your smartphone to help them stop losing their keys.

Key Finder

Scented candles are a great gift for any friend, family member, loved one, or office colleague. Scented candles signify love, support, and warmth.

Scented Candle

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