Christmas and New Year shoe styles

High-rise block heels fit between party stilettos and comfy wedges. Festive metallic gold can elevate even a monochrome look.

1. Rise in style

 These go with coat dresses, skirts, and stone-studded stockings.

Winter boots! Boots prevent frostbite and look good in cold winters. Boots match jeans, jeggings, dresses, skirts, and trousers.

2. Gorgeous in boots

Sneakers cannot be stylish. Period. Sneakers are now fashion statements. To look stylish, wear sneakers with a suit or jeans. Sneakers are the coolest, regardless.

3. Sneak in Christmas

For celebrations, monochrome is great, but colour is better. Literally. An all-white outfit needs these red chunky sneakers. Red complements denim and black. Bold, edgy, and Christmas!

4. Merry in red

Classics are timeless for a reason. End-of-year office parties are plentiful. Smart formal shoes are stylish and appropriate.

5. The classic cut

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