Clever Puppy Stops Mom From Leaving Him Home Alone

Any new pet parent will say it's hard to leave their dog at home! You miss your new animal buddy and worry about them being lonely,

destructive, accident-prone, or mischievous. Ask any owner trying to cage train their puppy at night—puppies don't like being alone either.

That's why @Goldenlifeofloki's TikTok video is lovely. This infant used a fluffy decoy to keep mum from leaving him.

So cute! @Beckyy wrote, "My cat did this, stared at it for a couple of minutes and then pulled a drape around it."

@Imbellahand added, "He's has secret business to attend to." LOL! "Oh yeah!! That's one smart puppy!!"

Loki hated mum leaving! He's so cute, we'd have trouble abandoning him.

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