Corgis "Babysit" Tiny Goat After Mom Takes a Break

Moms work hard. To keep your child safe and meet their needs, you must always be aware of your surroundings. 

@mommyfarmer posted a TikTok video of Pumpkin, a baby goat abandoned in his enclosure by his mother Esther. 

 Scout and Gracie, two Corgis, babysit Esther in the clip. Watch how well these dogs babysit!

Wow! Scout and Gracie babysit well. They watched Pumpkin until mom returned. Hmm. Are they for hire?

The commentators love this babysitting pair. Viewer @lindseybot3k remarked, ""Scout is a babysitter," @deborahorban1 added.

"Those Corgis are something else." Adore!" Scout and Gracie are the best farm babysitters.

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