Costco Clerk Unaware Woman Swaps $28,000 Ring for Cheap One

This New Jersey woman defies the stereotype of a stealthy thief. Switching a valuable ring for a cheaper one without anyone noticing.

After switching a $2,000 Costco ring for a $28,000 one, 49-year-old Izaebela Kolano was arrested for theft. Both were franchise thefts.

She went to a Clifton, New Jersey Costco's jewellery department to see the $28,000 diamond ring she saw in the case.

She held the ring in her hand, tried it on, and returned it to the clerk before leaving the store.

Jewelry department management determined the ring returned after the woman viewed it was not the one they gave her.

They found a $2,000 ring stolen from a Costco in Wayne, N.J., 9 miles away.

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