Dachshund's Cow Kiss Reaction Is Priceless

Some encounters leave us bewildered and uncertain. This meeting may entail a well-meaning yet overbearing person who throws you off. 

One pup is still processing this unexpected interaction.@aleishas665 posted a TikTok video of her Dachshund, Willow, with two cows on her property.

The cows' attentiveness shocked Willow! She looked confused at her mom and didn't like the kisses. Cows wanted to pet Willow!

Commenters made fun of this encounter! The cows replied, "They lied, it doesn't taste like sausage," and @rdrdrd2022 said, "All of a sudden, her secure space was evaporated.

The cow kissing Willow's wide-eyed face was priceless!Cows' tenderness impressed others

Cows are gentle, according to @vader309 and @user2985318870760. mary said, "Willow. Grass, not dogs."

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