Dad's Cruise Expulsion with Baby Outrages People

Traveling with a little child is stressful even when everything goes well. When something goes wrong on vacation—and it usually does, despite our best efforts

Navigating the unexpected with a baby or toddler may make a bad situation worse. Parents can do whatever, but it's vacation!

One family suffered the worst Thanksgiving travel nightmare with their under-one-year-old kid, and a Dad shared it on TikTok at @scottraia.

After hearing his story, people are upset that his baby was booted off their cruise ship, abandoning their family in a foreign country.

Princess Cruise Line was hosting their daughter's first Thanksgiving cruise. Three days into their European-to-Florida cruise, guest services informed them of a big issue.

A computer glitch allowed a newborn to board a transatlantic flight. Despite being far into their holiday, his family was ejected off the ship in the Canary Islands

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