Date night makeup: 6 stylish and basic looks

To produce a radiant base, spot hides under satin-finish foundation. Dust off any excess powder and swirl the blush brush into your cheeks.

1. Blush look

This style doesn't need eyeshadow due of the statement artificial eyelashes. Curl artificial eyelashes and apply mascara. 

2. Slender eyelashes

Before applying makeup, melt a nourishing oil between your fingertips and gently massage it into your face.

3. Glow girl

Graphic eyeliner is the latest trend. It's cool, dramatic, and all you need to make your gorgeous eyes burst. 

4. Go graphic

Cosmetic trends are fun to revisit. For a noon date that turns into a nightcap, this powdered blue colour is perfect

5. Bring baby blue black

Instead of jet black and purple eyeshadows, use golden for a seductive look that fits for all occasions. Apply bronze eyeshadow.

6. Smoky eye show

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