December 19–25, 2022 Zodiac Sign Weekly Horoscopes

Aries, you've been spending so much lately that you're not sure you can balance your finances this week.


You get many promising new things this week. You didn't trust your new situation but stayed positive.


This week, someone will be so pleasantly surprised by you that it will make your week. Gemini, your contribution will be appreciated.


This week, you'll get something you really, really want. It'll likely be a gift from a close friend.


You've been optimistic because your attitude has changed. With your heart set on a happy future, you refuse to see the thing through a glass darkly.


Are you one of those people who posts memes about how magical you are and how if you're crossed, holy smokes, watch out for the revenge?


You don't want to wait for your dream, but the season dictates. The season prioritises family over individual ambition.


Scorpio, you remain a lover this week. You make sure your significant other is happy during the holidays.


You receive an unwanted gift this week. Oh, how embarrassing, and what a waste of money by the person who gave you the ultimate "gift for re-giving."


With the holidays and your upcoming birthday, your life is full. These burdens may make you want to leave.


This week you'll wonder if the spirits are joking. It's your spiritual week, but you think of guides, angels, and astral beings who help you.


This week, you interact with someone who never does the right thing, but you love them unconditionally. They aim to please.


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