Delhi man loses Rs 50 lakh, picks up fraudsters' missed calls

Jamtara, India fraudsters are stealing money without asking for OTP codes. After repeated missed calls, a Delhi man had 50 lakh rupees ($68,000) stolen from his account.

Without the OTP code, the fraudsters were able to execute transactions.Media reports that a Security Service Director was involved.

The victim missed and blank-called between 7 and 8:45 pm. After taking up the call, he didn't answer.

After a while, he checked his phone for a message and was surprised to see that 50 lakh had been deposited from real-time gross settlement

Case registered. The preliminary research suggests this scam occurred in Jamtara.SIM switching, where fraudsters mimic the victim and request a fresh SIM card from their mobile provider,

Allows them to access the victim's phone number and intercept calls and messages.

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