DIY Wolf Cut/Trim: Woman Has More Confidence than We Ever Will

Mullets annoy me. I won't go into detail, but a certain country music musician who offended a lot of people last year,

including myself—has one. I always think of them when I see them. #sorrynotsorry. Wolf cut? If you want to wear a mullet with a shag hairdo, that's a happy-non-triggering medium

However, creating it yourself—like @luvnyds—does? Totally different. This requires balls. Whew.

I understand. I've cut my hair for years. As I'm growing my hair out, knowing that we only gain 1/2" a month, or 6" a year, every time she gathered some hair and started chopping, a part of me died.

LOL. I wondered if she was improvising. I also doubted her shears' sharpness. It was like an old soap opera cliffhanger.

However, When you consider that a wolf cut is supposed to look like organised chaos—shaggy bangs, rugged texture, hair that frames the face

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