Dog Breeds That Look Like Bears

The Akita is a quiet, temperamental dog that is frequently challenging to teach and is frequently referred to as a "silent hunter." With its thick hair and wide ears, it has a somewhat bear-like aspect and is the biggest Japanese spitz breed.


Akitas have traditionally been used as guard and hunting dogs and are a high-energy breed that also tends to be highly loyal. They need strenuous daily activity.

The Great Pyrenees, so named because it can initially be mistaken for a polar bear due to its luxuriant white coat and enormous bulk, joins the list. The Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain are where it gets its name.

Great Pyrenees

Their duty was to protect flocks from predators like wolves and real bears because they were bred as herding dogs. These gentle giants make clever, sociable, and family-friendly pets as well as devoted and watchful guardians.

The breed known as the chow chow originated in ancient China. These dogs have a thick mane (or ruff) that gives them a particularly cuddly (and bear-like) appearance. They are also muscular, have a deep chest, and have a hairy coat all over.

Chow Chow

These polite dogs are noted to be especially tidy and can be both solemn and aloof.

Spitz breeds like the Samoyed originated in Russia's Siberian region. These canines were raised to pull sleds on polar excursions and are powerful and smart.


Today, they make loving and entertaining household pets that, with their thick, white coats and equally fluffy tails, somewhat resemble little polar bears.

Although they are fairly huge dogs, Newfoundlands are also kind, understanding, and trainable. Newfoundlands are frequently referred to as "nanny dogs" because of the way they look after and protect youngsters.


They were bred as working dogs for Canadian fishermen. They have a definite bear-like appearance due to their enormous heads, short nose, and thick fur.

The Keeshond, affectionately known as "the people's dog," became the emblem of the Dutch Patriots Party in the 18th century since it served as both a guard dog and a companion on early Dutch ships.


With its small, upright, slightly rounded ears and highly fluffy face, the Keeshond resembles a teddy bear. It is well known as a lively, intelligent, sociable, and trainable breed.

The Caucasian shepherd, so named because of the Kavkaz (Caucasus) highlands in Eastern Europe, is so enormous that it almost resembles a little bear. These canines have a somewhat bear-like appearance due to their thick coats and powerful frame.

Caucasian Shepherd

These courageous dogs were trained to guard herds and homes in hostile environments, and they are still devoted guards today. Despite being big, powerful canines, they also show their families a lot of love and affection.

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