Dog Shoots Owner Dead After Stepping on His Shotgun

According to reports, a 32-year-old man in Turkey was shot and murdered by his own dog after the animal stepped on a shotgun's trigger and fired at the victim.

According to the publication Turkiye, Ozgur Gevrekoglu was slain while out hunting with his friend in Turkey's Samsun Province's Kzlan Plateau.

The dog's paw brushed the loaded rifle while the owner was loading his dog into the car, and the rifle fired a few shots at Gevrekoglu. After the event, he was rushed to the hospital where he was later declared dead.

After being sent to the morgue at Alacam State Hospital, Gevrekoglu's body is now being investigated to learn more about how he died.

The Daily Mail noted that Gevrekoglu had previously shared photos on social media with a variety of dogs while on past hunting expeditions, but it is unclear which dog was to blame for his demise.

No foul play is believed to have occurred, and police and prosecutors are actively examining the death.

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