Drinking Too Much Chai Tea: 4 Dangers

Tea's side effects: Tea is a global favourite. It's stuffed with black tea, milk, and sugar and called chai. 

Tea is used to treat minor fevers and colds. Tea consumption soars in winter. Tea has many health benefits, but too much of it can be harmful.

Anxiety and Stress: Tea contains caffeine, which can increase tension, anxiety, and restlessness.

Tea's theophylline can cause constipation.

Acid reflux: Caffeine in tea can worsen or cause heartburn. Caffeine may boost stomach acid production.

Sleep Disorder: Caffeine in tea affects sleep, which can lead to mental health issues like fatigue, memory loss, and attention deficit disorder.

Pregnancy Complications: Tea can cause miscarriages and low birth weight. During pregnancy, tea should not be consumed.

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