Egg-Flipping Hack Makes Perfect Breakfast Possible

If you love eggs with runny yolks but can never get them right, try this. @ketowithmacey of TikTok shows us how to flip fried eggs easily

This clever idea will delight non-egg cooks.This clever trick may make the perfect fried egg.

That seems simple! This hack may seem silly if you consider frying eggs easy. If you always struggle to get a perfect flip, this brilliant idea may help you serve a restaurant-quality breakfast.

Slide the eggs from the pan to the lid on their bottoms after cooking the first side. Use the lid to finish on the uncooked side. Very clever.

Egg cooking experts in the audience disagreed. “If you put a lid on whilst frying, the steam cooks the top of the egg,” said @DanCox1283.

That cooks them well too. @Krystle commented, “I have RA & can't flip my wrists to make eggs. Thanks! “You're so welcome!! Thanks!

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