Enjoy kiwifruit? Find serving sizes, health risks, and more.

Blending and eating kiwi fruits are options. Depending on age and health, one cup of kiwi fruit per day is sufficient.

Kiwis are delicious and nutritious. If you have a kiwi allergy, don't eat it. Hives, tingling lips, swollen tongue, and swallowing problems are symptoms

Two kiwi fruits a day can meet your Vitamin C needs, improve sleep, and boost cardiovascular health.

Kiwi can be part of a balanced diet's daily fruit intake. A healthy person can eat 3-5 servings of fruit per day, depending on their needs.

Kiwi allergies are rare and mostly affect people allergic to avocados, latex, wheat, and figs

If you have a bleeding disorder, kiwifruit may slow blood clotting.Stop eating kiwi fruit if you're allergic.

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