Family Who Left Texas for Wyoming Reunited With Lost Dog 5 Years Later

Reunited with their long-lost pet is a Galveston family who lost their dog in 2017 while preparing for Hurricane Irma and then relocated nearly 1,000 miles away.

Despite the fact that Irma wasn't anticipated to be a direct blow, Alexis and Robert were preparing their house for the worst. During the preparation, their dog Bolt managed to squeeze through a gap in the fence.

The couple looked for their dog all throughout the neighbourhood, including the streets and shelters, but they were unsuccessful. After much deliberation, the couple ultimately decided to abandon their hunt for the missing four-legged family member and depart the island.

Five years later, Poppy the dog was handed over to Fort Worth Animal Care and Control when his owner entered a hospice facility.

When Poppy was scanned, staff members discovered a microchip identifying him as Bolt and indicating that his owner was different from the person who had turned him in.

The staff got in touch with Wyoming-based Alexis. Bolt was her husband's dog, and although he had recently passed away, Alexis stated she was certain she wanted to regain the family pet.

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