Fascinating Facts About December Babies

If your December child is born before December 21st, Sagittarius, which is symbolised by Archer, a half-man, half-beast or centaur, will rule over them.

More About Your Sagittarius Baby

According to legend, the Sagittarius never missed his mark, which may be an indication of personality traits like a strong sense of purpose, a wealth of knowledge, and boldness (though sometimes that boldness can come across awkwardly because Sags prefer to talk first, think second!).

Additionally, Sagittarius is the wanderlust sign of the zodiac (perhaps making one of these place baby names apt).

Your child will be a Capricorn (symbolised by the goat, a skilled climber) if they are born after December 21.

More About Your Capricorn Baby

Since you can't reach the peak of the mountain without work ethic, those born under this diligent sign are regarded as ambitious, well-organized, pleasant, and very disciplined. But be careful! Capricorns have a tendency to be arrogant.

Because narcissus, also known as paperwhites, are one of the first spring flowers, they stand for rebirth and rejuvenation. Paperwhites were once considered by Victorians to be the blossom of egotists (they are named after Narcissus, after all).

December babies have two flowers.

But according to Chinese mythology, this blossom has always stood for wealth and success. Holly is regarded as the bloom of Christmas. The Christian faith interprets the prickly leaves as the crown of thorns and the vivid red berries as the blood of Christ.

In addition to a variety of birth flowers, newborns born in December can select one of three stunning birthstones: zircon, tanzanite, or turquoise.

December babies have three birthstones.

Each of these stones has a lovely blue hue, but turquoise is particularly loaded with symbolism. Turquoise is regarded as a love charm and is said to provide its bearer luck, protection, good fortune, and a calm mind—all things that will certainly be advantageous to your December baby!

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