First Time Maltese Meets His Puppies Is Beautiful

@Leo szen themaltese posted the cutest TikTok video of her mama dog showing off her new litter to dad when he visits. Cigars!

See how excited this Maltese is to see his baby mama and new litter.

Too sweet! @Letti says, "Mommy and daddy excited to see each other! @User7103700075903 adds, "Momma said yep those your babies! Turn! LOL."

Moms struggle! We noticed his double take, as did @Rose, who wrote, "His "what?" double take was so cute."

Double-take! Mom's posture says "look what we made!" "Cuteness," @Gracie writes. @Tabbyrae81 says, "She must really love him! She's excited to see him."

Congratulations, happy family! Help mom with these cute babies, dad!

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