Friday, December 30, 2022 Zodiac Sign Daily Horoscopes

 Quarter Moon has shown you what you need to work on, and when you feel pain, you work harder and smarter.


Taurus, letting go of the past hurts, but it's good for the future. Not everything goes as planned.


If a friend is a taker, the relationship should be reevaluated. Mars retrograde in your sign has caused frustration and anger.


Since the pandemic, there are more remote jobs, so you may be wondering how to find something you like that lets you work from home. 


It's OK to think for yourself and not follow your parents' beliefs. At this time of year, starting or stopping church can be difficult.


Giving someone your heart is a big decision, and when they don't reciprocate, confusing. 


Your love life is complicated, and feeling alone in a relationship is part of it. Your partner may not care, leaving you empty and hurt


You have too much to do right now, which makes procrastination worse. Set yourself a realistic deadline


Lack of knowledge and mixed signals can leave you confused about your relationship. Mercury retrograde can confuse things.


Having family nearby is comforting, but you'll still face challenges.


Openly discussing difficult topics with someone can heal many wounds. Knowing your life's cracks can be a great way to start over, even if it doesn't feel good.


Avoid regret. Pisces, study. Post-holiday sales tempt you to buy things you might need. Live in the moment and budget first. 


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