Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar announce pregnancy: ‘Adventure continues...'

Gauahar Khan announced her pregnancy with husband Zaid Darbar. She posted a colourful, animated video requesting prayers and blessings.

Gauahar wrote, "Bismillah. Need all your love and prayers. ♥️ Inshallah! @pixiedustdesign treating us well from our wedding to this beautiful new journey.

Friends, family, and fans flooded the video with hearts and comments. Kishwer Merchantt wrote, "I knew, I knew looking at your posts lately, so happy for u guys..."

Zaid captioned his wedding video, "Two years ago, when I had low expectations of love and life, I met someone who made my life 100000 times more beautiful.

A cute friendship became a forever love story. Amen. I remember the butterflies in my stomach when I first saw my beautiful wife today.

Look at us now—been it's two years, but I feel like I've loved you forever. You've made life so much easier. May we always be together. Ameen..."

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