Grandma's "Christmas Shot" Recipe Goes Viral

Holidays! We use the best glasses, plates, and utensils. You desire a shiny house. Serve your loved ones tasty beverages.

@emmalacy457 posted her grandmother's Christmas Shot recipe on TikTok. Our grandmothers never thought this creatively during the holidays. Festive!

We love Christmas Shots. Decorating the glass inside and out is brilliant. The cocktail's liquor will brighten your night

 RumChata is sweet and spicy. Fireworks in a glass are possible with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.

The icing and crushed candy canes on the rim sweeten this multi-flavored drink.

“My family likes Cinnamon Toast Crunch shots,” @Margarita said. Snickerdoodle, said @Matt Cubb. Cup of Christmas.”

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