High-Maintenance Cat Breeds

The long, dense coat of the Norwegian Forest Cat serves as defence from the harsh winters of Norway. The coat has a thick, woolly undercoat underneath its water-repellent outer layer.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The breed needs to be brushed once a week or every other day to avoid mats and tangles that could hurt or irritate the dog. These cats are well-known for acting more like dogs than cats, yet they are also highly intelligent and gregarious.

Another breed with a long coat that needs routine grooming is the Persian. There are various health issues specific to the Peke-faced Persian breed of cats, which are the cats with the flatter faces.


Due to their shortened skulls, they are more likely to experience respiratory problems as well as vision problems. These conditions and the grooming might take a lot of time. However, these cats are devoted companions and are incredibly affectionate toward their owners.

Despite the fact that the Sphynx breed has no hair, it still needs to be groomed. In fact, some cats need weekly or biweekly bathing since the natural oils in their skin have a tendency to accumulate filth.


When it's chilly out, they need jackets and heaters because they are prone to being sunburned outside. The cats, on the other hand, are incredibly outgoing and adore being around people.

Munchkin cats have a variety of coat lengths and are lovely. Both short- and long-haired cats are susceptible to some illnesses, despite the fact that long-haired cats require more combing.


The complex genes that give these cats their short legs can occasionally be associated with issues with the spine and the chest. However, these tiny cats adapt well to a variety of households and are just as energetic and sociable as other kinds.

One of the biggest cat breeds, the Maine Coon has an equally stunning coat. Their origins in Maine, where the breed originated, is evident in the length and thickness of their coats.

Maine Coon

They must be brushed frequently to avoid matting and tangles. The gentle giants known as Maine Coons are a breed that is often healthy.

Although they are not normally lap cats, they like their owners' companionship and get along with other cats and even dogs.

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