High-Maintenance Dog Breeds 

Yes, these strange-looking puppies are vivacious and fun to be around. But Akita parents should be aware that these puppies enjoy having the upper hand. Early training can help your puppy understand who is in charge.


Additionally, this breed has a history of biting both children and other dogs. Early socialising is crucial, much like training. This breed is kept in check by regular exercise.

The adjectives intellectual and active probably come to mind when you think of an Aussie. You only need to look at the shredded couch cushions to see how perilous it can be to be both extremely intelligent and active.

Australian Shepherd

They are also prone to herding kids because they are working dogs. These pupsters must get their daily exercise. Aussie parents are aware that they must run or walk their furry child in all weather.

The Border Collie is an intelligent, energetic dog with similar traits to the Australian Shepherd. It goes against all they know to spend the day inside. These puppies enjoy being outside and working toward a goal.

Border Collie

If you find yourself struggling to keep up with your dog, consider enrolling them in flyball or agility training. Their mental and physical game will improve dramatically as a result.

Having a "velcro" dog that follows your every move is acceptable. That is, until you have to leave your house. This breed's natural instinct is to be a companion, and it enjoys being as close to its owners as possible.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

They are a pawfect fit if you are a homebody. However, if you frequently travel, be prepared for children to have separation anxiety.

This breed, which resembles a lion and a teddy bear, is pawsitively lovely. However, these canines are frequently independent and stubborn. Sounds like a cat, huh?

Chow Chow

 They truly need someone who can stand up to their dominant personality and remind them who the pack leader is since they aren't willing to please their people. It takes a lot of patience and a little more instruction.

To raise a Dalmatian, one must be a unique individual. Although this breed has gorgeous patches, it may also be pushy and a little stubborn. They require ongoing training to help them practise good manners.


Due to their high activity level, dalmatians require a good amount of daily exercise. These dogs resort to disruptive actions to pass the time if they become bored.

This tiny terrier should not be taken lightly; it can play and run for hours. This tiny canine is the ideal friend if you lead an active lifestyle.

Jack Russell Terrier

But if you want someone to cuddle up with as you watch a movie, you better keep walking. To educate these puppies how to use their energy for good, someone needs to be stern but kind.

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