Horoscope for December 18–24.

You begin a new soul cycle and realise things that bothered you no longer do. You mature, calm, and possibly become cynical.


Stay strong. Avoid public opinion and advice from friends and family. This isn't the time to be a martyr—it's time to listen to your inner voice


Engage with others. You're ready for mutually beneficial partnerships. The more you reach out to like-minded people during this phase


Start fresh with a clean slate. Identifying and releasing what you don't need is the first step. Purge your closet and drawers. 


Give and take only what you need. Spend less this week. You might overspend or lend money to the wrong people


There's so much to do. You may be busy completing tasks, organizing, and collecting debts. 


It all comes together and makes sense. As you realise your blood, sweat, and tears got you here, you feel victorious.


Keep watch. For example, spelling or factual errors when signing contracts or accepting your letter of appointment.


The Mother card asks you to examine your relationship with the woman who raised you, your relationship with your children,


Hippocrates warned us that excess of a good thing is bad. Balance reminds you not to overdo anything, whether it's work, food, or drink.


The past is over—let go. Holding on to the pain will only stunt your growth in this crucial period. Accept the pain and then release it.


You're dreamy. You may also be in a dream world. Be careful and grounded.


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