How to Maintain Relationship Boundaries: Zodiac Sign

Your inner fire infuses passion into all you do because Mercury, the planet of activity and motivation, rules over you.


But if you don't want the spark to die, you need to sit down and decide what your limits will be early on in the relationship to prevent feeling suffocated later.

Being an earth sign, you are more grounded and approach love with pragmatism. However, if you haven't taken the time to build your sense of self-worth, you can find yourself depending on your spouse for validation.


Find strategies to love yourself before you love someone else to prevent opening the door for co-dependence.

You enjoy it when your boyfriend surprises you with a new date location or breakfast in bed because of your inherent sense of spontaneity, but if the relationship feels like it is being weighed down by pressure, you can find your mind drifting elsewhere.


It helps to be clear with your partner about the limits you both agree are appropriate and cannot be crossed if you want your relationship to last a long time.

You hold a strong belief in extravagant acts of love and show because you are one of the zodiac signs that is most sensitive to emotions. However, if you prioritise someone else's happiness over your own, your all-in approach to love may cause these distinctions to become hazy.


You must learn to say no when necessary if you want to defend your interests in a relationship.

When a Leo finds love, the world is a lovely place, but because you tend to hold other people in high regard, you could find yourself disappointed when they fall short of the expectations you have for them.


For the two of you to succeed together in every area of life, it is crucial to take the time to recognise your partner as an independent person outside of the relationship.

Because this earth sign believes that deeds speak louder than words and because Mercury, the planet of communication, rules your sign, it won't be difficult for you to express the boundaries you wish to establish in the relationship.


To make sure that their emotional needs are also satisfied in the relationship, you might want to know what your partner needs as well.

Your ideal spouse is someone who can keep up with you intellectually and emotionally, but the people-pleaser in you could wind up over-committing to a partner, especially in the heady beginnings of a new relationship.


The simplest way to make sure you can maintain this boundary in the long run is to stop and think about it before saying yes to anything, whether it's meeting the parents or attempting anything new in bed.

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