How To Tell If A Taurus Likes You

Taurus has a strong attraction to Aries. Not only do they share Aries' bestial traits, but they also don't mind powerful people at all—in fact, they actually crave their company.


They head straight for the food when they like you. When they start inviting you to eat at every restaurant, you'll know they're serious. Their preferred seduction method is food.

Love between Taurus signs can be humorous, especially if you're confined to your home and there's plenty of food in the refrigerator. When a fellow Taurus likes you, you'll giggle because you'll see yourself in their seduction strategies.


It's a shame Taurus-born individuals don't socialise more because this couple is genuinely hilarious and they make a great match. You will be certain that the person you are dating is a flirtatious Taurus if they dance while exposed while holding a cherry pie in front of their privates.

Gemini, you've always got along well with Taurus, but how can you know if one is interested in you? You will be impressed by how openly and honestly they communicate with you.


You've been yearning for something grounded, and Taurus is that. If you choose to accept their flirtation, they will go above and beyond for you, so value what they have to offer. You're not the easiest person to get along with, Gemini, but if Taurus is willing to put up the effort, let them.

Taurus has a way of getting under your skin, Cancer, even though they may not be your cup of tea. You'll be smiling and laughing a lot if you let them, too. The giveaway is that.


Until you discover that their by-nature sluggish exterior is really only a gateway to humorous relief, you could assume that this wild Taurus is just an untidy slob. You'll laugh so hard you'll forget how stressed you are, Cancer.

You most likely already have your defences up against Taurus, believing them to be beneath you. But what about Taurus? No winks. Leo, Taurus is interested in getting to know you, and I'm sure you've heard all about their "stubborn" nature.


Yes, it's a big matter when they pursue Leo. You can expect unlimited adoration, endless flattery, and persistent sexual interest from your flirtatious Taurus. Not bad at all!

Virgo, you easily recognise when Taurus likes you because you initiated the relationship, didn't you? The fact is, because they are so different from you, you tend to draw signs like Taurus.


You resemble that huge conquest that Taurus cannot resist. Taurus finds humour in your finicky attitude, and they will linger with you merely to press your buttons since they know you'll eventually be theirs.

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