How Zodiac Sign Deals With Betrayal

When betrayed, what do Aries not do? They don't just keep it between them. Everybody knows when they've been betrayed by Aries. Although social media may not be the ideal platform for sharing one's emotions, Aries can use it.


These people want their community's rage to be felt by the betrayer in addition to their own rage. In addition, they will confront the betrayer and demand to know their motivations and what they intend to do to make amends.

In terms of how they respond to betrayal, Taurus are the antithesis of Aries. They frequently suppress all of their emotions. They'll be appalled that someone they believed in—and Tauruses don't believe in just anyone—had betrayed them.


Sadness, embarrassment, humiliation, and disappointment will overpower them. If they decide to exact retribution, they will meticulously organise their plan and wait until no one would anticipate them to take action. It will appear out of nowhere when Taurus strikes at the appropriate time.

Gemini will attempt to minimise the impact of being betrayed. To demonstrate to everyone how over it they are, they would even throw a party. Geminis don't want to come off as overly fragile because that could lead to further injury.


However, when they are home alone at night, their emotions will surface, and they will be in distress. They'll hold themselves accountable for allowing someone inside who eventually betrayed their confidence. No one will be aware that Gemini is grieving the following day when they return to work.

Being betrayed causes them to respond even more strongly because Cancer is already in touch with their emotions. They'll open up about their emotions to practically anyone who will listen, and they'll hold onto the hurt for a very long time.


A Cancer's entire life will be impacted by being betrayed, and it will alter how they build relationships and whom they can trust. Cancer will cease communicating with the traitor, but they won't unfriend them on social media. They'll need access if they ever wish to check up on their betrayer.

Leos are particularly sensitive to betrayal and will often wonder why it would be them. Leos are resilient and will put on a good face, but they will miss the connection they previously shared.


Leo will make an effort to use the circumstance in some way and exact revenge on the traitor. If the other party feels bad enough about what they did, they will want to try to talk it out, and Leo will enlist the aid of others to assist them exact revenge on the offender.

Virgo reacts violently when they learn they have been betrayed; they yell, cry, throw things, and leave. If the betrayer doesn't make things right, Virgo will start formulating a strategy of retaliation.


You had to take Virgo's need for vengeance seriously since they won't relent until they obtain it. Remember: Virgos are detail-oriented and meticulous, so don't be shocked if you keep bumping into them in unexpected places.

Although it will pain them when they are betrayed, Libra won't let it stop them. They'll make an effort to move past it swiftly. Instead of engaging in a protracted conversation because they dislike conflict, they would just choose to cut that person out of their lives and never talk about it again.


When it comes to forgiving others, Libras are kind, and there's a chance they'll want to try to repair their relationship with the offender.

If you betray Scorpio, you put your life in your own hands. They struggle with betrayal, but they excel at getting their own back. It will take a lot of effort to convince them to forgive someone who deceived them, but very little effort to devise an effective plan of retaliation.


Scorpios are sensitive, and when they experience heartbreak, all they can think about is finding ways to get revenge. You should be aware that if you betray a Scorpio, you probably won't see them again.

When betrayed, Aquarius turns icily frigid. Even if they experience emotions, they are unlikely to express them to the person who deceived them.


Aquarius will eventually be able to analyse the betrayal rationally and scientifically. Being the target of someone's deception serves as a teaching opportunity for Aquarians because they are frequently interested by human behaviour, especially when it affects them.

When a Pisces gets betrayed, they will be filled with emotion to the point where they will immediately collapse to pieces. Even if it wasn't the first time the person had wronged them, Pisces would still forgive them if they pleaded for it.


They want to think they're over it and can let that person back into their lives, but Pisces actually takes a very long time to recover from any form of betrayal. If they are creative, they will incorporate those emotions into their work.

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