Is lychee healthy? Find serving sizes, health concerns

Due to hypoglycemia A, lychees cause brain inflammation. Blood sugar may be lowered by lychees. Avoid lychees if you have diabetes

Lychee allergies can occur in some people (itchy skin and shortness of breath).

It's recommended to eat two cups of lychee daily. 190 grammes of lychees fill a cup. Before eating lychees, consider your health.

After fasting, avoid lychee. When combined with low blood sugar, lychee's toxin can cause hypoglycemia, which is especially dangerous when we sleep.

 Encephalopathy, seizures, and death can result from lychee toxin.Lychees should be eaten three to four times a day. 

Higher amounts can lower blood sugar and cause hypoglycemia symptoms like dizziness, confusion, and even seizures. 

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