It's so sweet to see Bunny enjoy his own Christmas tree

It's so much fun to see pet owners go all out for Christmas and find ways for their pets to celebrate. 

Everyone, including cats and dogs, is in the holiday spirit. Do you know who else is? This cute bunny belongs to @DenzelandLeo, who uses the app TikTok.

Watch this cute video of bunny Denzel playing with his Christmas tree, which is decorated with lettuce and also serves as a bunny enrichment toy.

Awwww! He can't wait to eat the lettuce that grows on his little tree! This is great for people who like bunnies, and @Elyse tweets, "I have rabbits

How beautiful those branches are. How come your branches are so green in the summer? Even more tasty in the winter!" LOL!

We're sure that this would also work for guinea pigs and ferrets. We can't forget about the smallest pets during the holidays!

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