Kitten Fading Syndrome

Bandholz beard is just a yeard left to grow naturally without any trimming or shaping. Everyone’s beard grows differently, so you can try to replicate the Bandholz beard.

The queen's kittens will die from many issues. Kittens can fade due to birth complications, illness, malnutrition, parasites, trauma, or lack of milk.

Kittens are born with these conditions. Genetics, trauma, or illness in the mother cat during pregnancy cause up to 20% of neonatal deaths

Kittens born with a low birth weight may be weak and unable to survive illness or harsh environmental conditions. 

Kittens with type A blood born to a queen with type B blood have immune system problems. Nursing destroys the kitten's red blood cells.

Bacteria can cause life-threatening infections during birth or many gut or lung diseases. Herpesvirus and calicivirus, which cause upper respiratory disease, are common in kittens

Coccidia, hookworms, and roundworms are common internal parasites. Tiny kittens can lose a lot of blood to fleas and ticks.

The ideal temperature for a mother and her kittens is 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit, but extreme temperatures can kill a kitten.

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