Laughter as Hairless Cat Sneaks Into Bathtub With Owner

The internet is laughing at a water-loving Sphynx cat sneaking into the bath with his owner.

Andrea LeJeune's (@finnickymags) hairless cat Finnick scoots into the tub in a TikTok video posted on November 28.

Finnick slides in feet-first after testing the water. Finnick relaxes before staring at his owner.

The amusing video has over 900,000 likes and almost 5 million views.Cooper Pet Care's head veterinarian, Dr. Patrik Holmboe, claimed no one knows why domestic cats dislike water.

"Water damage is the main reason most home cats don't enjoy it."Cats don't want all their grooming to go to waste.

"Their fur must look, feel, and smell a certain way. Water greatly alters that "said.

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