Le Creuset's Harry Potter Collection Completes Your Christmas Wishlist!

Quidditch's Most Famous Matchup Le Creuset's Dutch Oven is a tribute to the most popular activity in the wizarding realm. Golden Snitch knob made of solid brass with three Quidditch goal rings.

The HogwartsTM Express Kettle is as magnificent as the fabled train it was designed to honour, including a gold, single-tone whistling spout and a gold knob with the number of the story.

Like Harry's favourite white owl, the HedwigTM Pie Bird is both cute and practical. It prevents the pie filling from boiling over because to its hollow design.

All of us may discover a little bit of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw in these dessert plates from Hogwarts' Houses, carefully selected to evoke the excitement of upcoming feasts.

The patchwork house crests are accompanied by golden embroidered Hogwarts seals on strong cotton canvas. The inner is made of cotton and nylon quilt, making it resistant to even the most severe burns.

The Le Creuset and Harry Potter Magical Mug set has metallic foil trademarks from some of the wizarding world's most well-known companies.

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