Lemon Water Benefits: Top 6

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Hydration is essential to wellness. Not everyone likes water's taste.Adding a little lemon to your water will encourage you to drink more.

#1 It Helps You Stay Hydrated

#2 It's Delicious and Calorie-Free

Lemon water is a fantastic everyday drink because it has no sugar, additives, or fat.If done regularly, replacing sugary fruit juice or soda with lemon water

#3 Vitamin C-Rich

More vitamin C can change your life.Orange juice is a popular way to start the day with vitamin C

#4 Helps Digestion

The Cleveland Clinic says lemon water acid aids digestion. Older adults may benefit more from this because stomach acid levels fall with ageing.

#5 Prevents Kidney Stones

Correct. Lemons contain citric acid, which may prevent kidney stones.Citric acid reduces urine acidity and can break up tiny stones.

#6 It Promotes Weight Loss

Lemon water can help you lose weight even without removing sugary drinks.Water helps weight loss in general. 

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