Life-Changing Spaghetti Hack

We enjoy cooking. We spend hours looking for new things to like. Changing a favourite recipe can have a big impact. Today's hack proves it.

@at.home.cook of TikTok presented a simple but useful spaghetti hack. We never tried this. It's worth trying.

Everyone loves pasta. Spaghetti frequency varies on family and taste. One thing is certain—make it the best you can.

Today's TikTok spaghetti hack is great. It's cheap and simple. Butter and garlic powder make spaghetti shine.

We recommend the spaghetti hack. Let's see whether TikTok users agree. @conservativemama43 commented, “I thought everybody did this. LOL.

@Georgin love said, “Add Parm cheese, pepper, and parsley too.” @Joy Darroch advised, “Or just add more garlic and olive oil to your sauce.”

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