Long-Haired Dog Breeds 

25 to 27 inches tall
Weight: 50 to 60 lbs.
Characteristics: Independent and Proud
Moderate to high levels of activity
Factor Shedding: Low
Life 12- to 18-year life expectancy

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds have short, curly coats as puppies. The coats develop into lengthy, silky-smooth works of beauty as they get older.

 The Afghan Hound Club of America advises against brushing an Afghan coat that is too dry; to avoid this, use a spray bottle full of water and dog conditioner before brushing your dog every day or bathe your dog a few times a week before grooming. 

Work with a respected breeder to obtain some great advice on how to maintain an Afghan Hound's coat.

19 to 25 inches tall
Weight: 35 to 65 lbs.
Personality: Upbeat and tenacious
Moderate level of activity
Factor for Shedding: Non-shedding
12–14 years is the average lifespan.


As a water dog, this French dog breed has a thick, long, and curly coat (or wavy). Barbets can be cut to three to five inches in length.The Barbet Club of America advises daily brushing to remove matting and tangles. (Rewetting it will restore the curls' bounce.)

22 to 24 inches tall
Weight: 57 to 84 lbs.
Independence and mellowness
Low activity level;
no shedding; low shedding factor
13–15 years is the average lifespan.

Bergamasco Sheepdog

The world of corded coats is yours to explore. The calm Bergamasco Sheepdog is a breed of shepherd dog developed to withstand the challenging conditions in the Italian Alps.

They should never be shaved down or trimmed closely because their cords are entirely natural and regulate their body temperatures. Three different types of fur are present on Bergamasco Sheepdogs: dog, goat, and wool.

You must manually divide the coat into mats after the goat and sheep fur arrives (after about a year). After the initial matting procedure, this coat is quite hands-off despite its intricate appearance.

22-27 inches tall
Weight: 55 to 100 lbs.
Protective and charming personality
High activity level
Factor Shedding: Low
Life 10–12 years are anticipated.


The hairdo of a Briard makes me think of Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World in 1994. Their long, wavy, and slightly coarse coats. According to the Briard Club of America, grooming and brushing your dog will take at least two hours every week.

Although they don't shed a lot and their coats don't get very dirty, it's important to keep them tangle-free.

22 to 26 inches in height
Between 50 and 75 pounds
Devoted and active personality
Moderate to High Activity Level
Seasonal shedding factor
12- to 14-year life expectancy


Collies can be either smooth-coated or rough-coated. The Collie with the rough coat is the most recognisable due to its long, fluffy coat and Lassie-like colours. About once per week, their coats should be brushed.

Seasonal changes will undoubtedly make your house more hairy than usual even though your pets don't shed much. To avoid missing mats, pay close attention to the ears and elbows.

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