Miss Manners: Happy Thanksgiving, I lost your cat!

My friend who is living with me left his cat behind when he returned home for Thanksgiving. Well, the cat was gone when I got up the first morning after he went.

We frequently leave the doors open throughout the day, but the cat has never fled before. What then shall I do? Do I give my friend a call and tell him?

Do I wait till he gets back in the hopes that the cat may appear before then? Will he be upset that I didn't tell him right away if the cat doesn't come back, though?

Have you considered what to say when your buddy thanks you for taking care of Tinkerbell when she gets back? I'm sure he'll be happy to see me. He's not here. Tinkerbell! I'm back! Oh, where are you, Tinkerbell?

Miss Manners then advises you to start busy hanging posters across the area.

She will wait a day or two before telling your friend on the pretext that you were frantically searching, but after that you must deliver the devastating news.

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