Mom Responds Best to Toddler Girl's Midnight Peanut Butter Sandwich Request

We want our kids to follow their bodies. We want children to listen to their bodies, whether they need to eat or use the potty

We merely need to supply their body's demands. 24/7.@tara.and.evy's nice video is about that.

"Evy woke up at almost 1 am asking 'Mommy my tummy hurts for a peanut butter sandwich please,'" the woman wrote.

 "When I was a youngster, I always had to ignore my hunger and wait till breakfast."That's great—the kitchen's always open.

It's wonderful how they have a midnight snack and then her daughter falls asleep

The mom makes the girl a sandwich, and the girl respects her by going back to bed. Even the tooth-brushing seems to be a science.

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