Mom's Anniversary Surprise Puppy Reaction Is Perfect

After 30 years with someone, you'd assume you know all their tricks. Relationships are great because you never know what they may bring. @michcady experienced that on TikTok.

The loss of their dog four years ago destroyed this couple. She doubted they'd get another.

Her husband said so. He gave her the most valuable gift on their 30th anniversary. Look!

Stop! The cutest thing ever. Surprising your wife with a puppy is great, but the kids came out too? Top this anniversary gift. LOL!

"New best friend and kids? Crying. How lovely to be honoured! "@emlyn. Right?! A thoughtful gift. It was flawless throughout.

The adorable Dachshund puppy steals the show. Tiny and precious! "Awe when the puppy snuggled into you," @softball racemom said.

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