Mom's Zoomies Stop Tantrum?

Once a toddler starts a tantrum, it's hard to stop. You can distract, soothe, or rationalise (good luck with that), but once toddlers cross a certain line, it's hard to get them back

You usually have to wait it out. Let it run its course. But one mom came up with a great distraction: zoomies.

In this @jusssliv video, a toddler starts a tantrum. Her mom runs in circles like a dog with zoomies, and everything changes.

Hilarious! It takes time to go from crying to laughing. However, the toddler usually forgets why they were upset

Why is their caretaker acting so silly? Their short attention spans mean they probably won't even return to the issue that frustrated them.

"Well done mom. I'm impressed. Parents should be gentle. Give these babies what we didn't have."

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