Morning stretching exercises.

Stretching in the morning gives us energy for the day. After several hours in bed, our muscles need time to recover before starting the day.

Many have neck issues. Even morning stretching is necessary to maintain it. To tense muscles, recline the neck sideways and gently push the head down with one hand.

Stretching helps. A few minutes and a few exercises achieve the goal. Stretching exercises in the morning remove nighttime stiffness.

When you wake up, stretch your muscles. Sit on the ground, stretch one leg, cross the other, and stretch the torso toward the stretched leg.

Staying upright, lift one leg back and grab the foot, pushing it upwards. This is a simple leg stretching exercise for morning. Repeat with the other leg.

To stretch your neck and shoulders, stand up and put an arm behind your back. Grab the elbow with the other hand and push gently. Hold for a few seconds and switch arms.

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