Most compatible Dog breed: zodiac sign

Aries will find companionship with this medium-sized breed that is known for picking fights with creatures much larger than themselves. Never one to back down from conflict, even and especially when the deck is stacked against them.

Karelian Bear Dog

This couple of leisure lovers is a case of bull seeing bull. The English Bulldog is unmatched when it comes to "what sort of dog is best for taking naps with you," and if you ask Google "what kind of dog is best for taking naps with you?," then you are probably a Taurus.

English Bulldog

The formidable Dachshund goes by many names, including low rider, wiener, weenie, sausage dog, and my personal favourite, pig shark. Geminis also wear several hats, including investigator, orator, and supercomputer for useless information.


What Cancer has always required in a partner—the capacity to sense, foresee, and calm the ever-changing moods of this water sign—it looks for in a dog.

King Charles Spaniel

Hard-working Leos enjoy a challenge. The elegant, friendly Rhodesian Ridgeback is the lions' match.

Rhodesian Ridegback

I haven't yet encountered a Virgo of average intelligence or one who wasn't just a little obsessed with clutter-free surfaces and spotless floors.


There may be no fairer or more patrician hound than the Afghan. Libras, with their Veusian disposition and appreciation for beauty, make natural aristocrats.

Afghan Hound

Scorpios seem to like cats, owls, and possibly newts. When they do associate with dogs, they do best with a breed that is as unique and perceptive as they are. I present to you the Hungarian Puli to that purpose.

Hungarian Puli

These dogs have a cowboy vibe, just like individuals born under the sign of Sagittarius. When the fun is over, the man and the dog both run for the hills because they are irrationally curious and recklessly optimistic.

Australain Shepherd

Capricorns give the zodiac a no-nonsense, Daddy feel. They keep an eye on the prize while also folding a sizable stack of money.

Chow Chow

The Greyhound is the Aquarius' match—stylish and resolute with an otherworldly allure. These canines are admired for their killer work ethic, independent nature, and mid-century modern furniture-like appearance.


The Irish Wolfhound is the kind of dog that dreams and a few Gothic books are made of, and Pisces inhabitants, who are ruled by Neptune, lean heavily into a dreamscape.

Irish Wolfhound

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