Most Energetic Dog Breeds

One of the top breeds of herding dogs is the colllie. If you ever have the chance to see them in action, you'll notice that they move in a stealthy manner while crouching, then they suddenly explode with energy. More than anything else, these dogs like running.

Border Collie

Border Collies are "among the most nimble, balanced, and resilient inhabitants of the canine kingdom," according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). Collie games and training will make them fall in love with you forever.

Dog sports are where Australian Shepherds shine. They enjoy frisbee games and agility trials. Additionally, since they were bred to be herding dogs, they enjoy "herding" youngsters and other animals in a playful manner.

Australian Shepherd

They can get irritable if not given enough exercise, but they can also be excellent exercise partners for you.

The iconic Bernese mountain dog was developed in Switzerland to pull a variety of food across the country's steep farmlands. They can pull many times their own weight because to their powerful, musculatured hindquarters.

Bernese Mountain Dog

However, don't dismiss these animals as being solely serious; they are affectionate and fun. However, they must frequently go outside to stretch their amazing legs.

Even small dogs have high levels of energy. No more so than the Jack Russell, a dog that more than makes up for its lack of stature with incredible endurance. These puppies, who were once used as hunting dogs, enjoy running.

Jack Russell Terrier

Additionally, they are the ideal size to engage in high-intensity play with young children. They are, however, a little leery of outsiders. In reality, the majority of terrier breeds, including Rat terriers, Wire Fox terriers, Yorkshire terriers, Airedale terriers, and even Bull terriers, can be described as lively.

But beware—if you don't give these dogs the exercise they require, they could get frustrated and start digging and barking.

Australian cattle dogs were created to herd livestock across enormous, rural farms in Australia. Additionally, it can be difficult to move sluggish livestock.

Australian Cattle Dog

These playful puppies are ideal if you need a running partner. In addition to being incredibly loving, devoted, and intelligent.

Poodles were initially bred as water retrievers, helping their hunting owners catch birds and ducks. They still enjoy moving around and being useful. In actuality, they are also very brilliant and easily bored. They might then act a little naughtily at home.

Standard Poodle

Therefore, keep your poodle active and busy. And if necessary, take into account some obedience training. Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs as well, making them excellent pets for people with allergies.

Huskies have traditionally been used to pull produce (and people) in overstuffed sleds, much like the Bernese mountain dog. True endurance dogs, they are.

Siberian Husky

They can resist some of the harshest situations on earth since they were raised in some of the harshest climes and have the fur to protect them.

These energy requirements won't go away, though, even if you live in the city and own a husky. These soft friends require regular activity.

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