Most Flirty Zodiac Signs: Best to Worst

Most likely to Enter your DMs

A Gemini is known as the social butterfly of the zodiac and is always up for a good conversation. They are naturally friendly and talkative, so you don't have to exert much effort to keep the discussion going because they always have positive things to say about you.


Who needs pick-up lines anyway? There are no trickery to be seen here; if a Leo is interested in you, they will let you know, even if that means adding a wink emoji to every communication.


A Scorpio flirts with someone in a complex, well-choreographed dance that provides just enough information to pique your curiosity and make you want to approach them for more. You're really in trouble when they start to lose control of their intensity.


It should come as no surprise that an Aries is a go-getter when it comes to matters of the heart since the sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of vigour and action. Although some could characterise them as impulsive, the truth is that they aren't hesitant to express their desires openly.


Most likely to Emit conflicting messages

A Sagittarius doesn't mind stepping out of their comfort zone and making the first move because Jupiter, the planet of growth, rules this sign. However, they aren't as direct as other signs, so if you catch their attention, be prepared for playful emoticons and unintentional physical contact.


A Libran will not come out out and tell you that they like you, but they will spend an additional hour getting ready in the morning just in case they happen to run into you in the office elevator. This is because flirting comes naturally and intuitively to this sign, which is ruled by Venus.


Cancer is a deeply sentimental and sympathetic person who is skilled at turning on the charm when they are attracted to someone, but their favourite method of operation involves waiting a bit too long to drop hints and test the waters.


Pisces adores its lovers, but sadly, they haven't always returned the favour. Once burned, twice shy, Pisces will now romanticise everything you do from a distance while meticulously recording your body language until they have the bravery to make an approach.


Most likely to ghost you (even though they are interested)

An Aquarius isn't uninterested; rather, they are curious to find out if they are. You might want to be patient with this one because they are generally slow on the love front and are quickly aroused by other mental impulses.


The zodiac bull is a provider in terms of time and attention, but it is not an action-oriented sign, so you have probably already left the bar by the time they had practised that deft manoeuvre in their heads.


A Virgo is a logical, analytical sign that like to analyse their feelings before acting on them. Be prepared if they choose to establish a friendship first to test the waters before expressing their affections.


A Capricorn is always in control of their emotions, so much so that they might pass up an opportunity because they didn't even make accidental eye contact. This makes them not fall into the category of hopeless romantics.


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