Most Negative Personality Zodiac Sign

Yes, a warrior, but the kind who gets extremely upset when they don't get their way. Not to mention the fact that, as an Aries, you are always correct and that there is never any discussion of it. There is only one opinion that is ever worthy of respect, and that is yours.

(Pushy, arrogant, defensive)

Being the most tenacious sign in the zodiac, you'll push beyond anybody to achieve your goals. You are flawed because you genuinely believe that you are correct, no matter what.

That obstinate thing, yes. You people have the reputation of being the most stubborn creatures on existence. Well, it's annoying and true. You are a grating Taurus.

Taurus (Stubborn)

What's actually going on is that you're "that guy" — the one who pouts and whines and gets their way by just not listening to anyone else — while you're over there thinking you're cute for "sticking to your guns." Although being "stubborn, bullish" may be effective for you, it is undoubtedly ineffective for others.

Gemini, get your act together because the constant refrain of "I can't decide" is starting to get on our nerves. We are all aware that Gemini is the sign of the Twins, which indicates twofold decision-making difficulty and perplexity.

Gemini (Indescisiveness)

The problem with you, Gemini, is that you never actually make that choice, and even as we wait and wait for you to decide, you seem to disregard us. There is no room for anyone else because you are living in your own universe.

We all know you're a liar, Cancer, therefore that's what's wrong with you. You've made an effort to persuade us that you are this ideal being made of love, light, and unicorn bubbles, but in reality, you are just an ordinary person like the rest of us.

Cancer (Lying)

Unfortunately, because you're such a fake about it, you make it far too difficult for us to take you into our bosoms, even though we would be happy to do so. You see that corny "I am the golden light" act, Cancer? You're a non-believer!

Leo, what's wrong with you? You put on a show but don't always have the goods to support it. Leo is known for seeking out attention and adoration, but no one has ever claimed that he has the skills to back that up.

Leo (Bragging)

You're not automatically an artist just because you have an interest in the arts. Your problem is that you have a delusion. You overestimate your abilities.

There is no love lost in Virgo World. I'm not a Virgo, but I genuinely believe that I possess certain Virgo tendencies. What's wrong with you, Virgo, is that you're such a judge that you're practically Ruby Miranda material.

Virgo (Judgemental)

You isolate and alienate everyone in your life, and eventually, even the people who adore and cherish you find out the truth about you, and they just turn against you. You might wish to stop criticising everything you see, but since you are a Virgo, you simply can't.

You enjoy remaining silent. That's OK until we realise why you've been so quiet: you were plotting to have us destroyed. The truth is that you are a true B, Aquarius.

Aquarius (Manipulator)

The B who kidnaps people's significant others is you. The B who tells lies to get their way is you. You are the one who lies while giggling and acting innocent yet in reality you are a cunning manipulator who operates in the shadows.

You have a problem because you are dishonest and lie. And you'll lie once more, boldly and purposefully, to advance your own interests.

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