Most Popular Dog Breed in America

Because of them, violent crime has increased. Their creation and sale raise moral questions. Several sell for tens of thousands of dollars, and some airlines forbid their use.

The most popular dog breed in America is the French Bulldog, not illegal drugs or semi-automatic weapons.

There is little doubt that Winston, a 3-year-old French bulldog, delighted thousands of dog parents who were present at this year's National Dog Show with their own young Frenchies.

It's easy to see why people are drawn to these puppies; they are adorable, soft, and just enjoyable to love.

There isn't anything about the most popular dog breed in America that makes it deserving of that distinction when compared to other toy dogs like the Pug or the Pekingese.

20 Pounds of Health Problems

Contrary to what some breeders may attempt to convince you, this dog cannot breathe, which adds to the long list of medical issues that come with breeding an animal so similar to a baby.

Snorting balls of fat and fur are French Bulldogs. The medical term for their compressed, pig-like snouts is brachycephaly, which is not a healthy thing.

Breathing difficulties are a lifelong struggle for brachycephalic dogs. When Frenchies honk at you, it's not because they're attempting to communicate with you but rather because they're gasping for oxygen.

The inclusion of a toy dog as a fashion statement has long been a status symbol, from Queen Victoria and her Pugs to Paris Hilton and her Chihuahuas.

As status symbols, toy dogs

Not just toy purebreds, but all purebred dog breeds have a dubious past. Its roots can be found in the same bogus science that supported the racist eugenics movement that gained traction in the middle of the 19th century.

Surprisingly, a 2017 Plos One study discovered that for certain people, an increase in perceived health issues actually increases their desire for a dog.

A More Desirable Dog as Health Issues Rise

The study's findings show that prospective owners, particularly of Chihuahuas and French Bulldogs, do not give welfare-related breed characteristics, such as health, top priority when choosing a dog.

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