My Daughter Got a New Haircut. I Can't Believe What Strangers Say To Her.

Our 12-year-old daughter would like to pee without being bothered. She's been unable to avoid it lately.

Jenny went to the bathroom on her way out of a local amusement park following a fun-filled day. (Jenny is great, but it's not our daughter's name.)

Jenny was asked why she was in the women's bathroom by an adult as she left the stall. Jenny said she was a girl.

Jenny was shaken by this interaction, as well as others during a school field trip, the mall, and restaurants. 

Jenny was six weeks premature. She scared my wife and myself when she decided to come early. 

Jenny's spring hair cut announcement didn't surprise us. Jenny has always had her own flair. No purple or pink. Not dresses, pants. Blue locks. Green locks. Jenny defines herself.

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