Neymar hurts his ankle in Brazil's World Cup triumph.

Brazil beat Serbia 2-0 in their World Cup group stage match on Thursday, but Neymar stayed on the sideline and sobbed after the game because of an injured right ankle.

While he was sitting on the bench and afterwards receiving physical treatment, we iced the area "I quote Lasmar. 

"We haven't arranged a test yet, but we will do so if it becomes necessary. He's going to be watched closely. A clearer picture will emerge tomorrow.

Although Brazil's head coach Tite expressed "confidence that Neymar will continue playing at the World Cup.

While playing for Brazil in 2014, Neymar suffered an injury. When he was injured in the quarterfinals against Colombia.

 Brazil's semifinal loss against Germany was 7-1. Neymar was hurt in the 79th minute after being fouled nine times during the game against Serbia.

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