Nobody wanted to adopt the dog with one ear — until he started painting

Jaclyn Gartner was looking through pictures of puppies at shelters when she noticed a puppy named Van Gogh with one ear.

He was discovered injured, cowering behind a drainage pipe, with scratches and scrapes all over him. His left ear had been torn off in the vicious world of dog fighting.

Gartner, the founder of the Happily Furever After Rescue in Bethel, Connecticut, which takes in animals at risk of being euthanized in shelters, said of the animal:

"He'd had an extremely awful existence, and yet he appeared cheerful, and I was told he got along well with people. Even after everything he had been through, Van Gogh was strong. His ear had to be surgically removed.

In June, the charity Pilots N Paws flew Van Gogh to her home in Connecticut thanks to arrangements made by Gartner.

She advertised that she had a loving, one-eared dog in need of a home on Facebook, Petfinder, and Rescue Me, but the 7-year-old boxer pit bull mix received no takers.

She added, adding that he was residing with numerous foster families, "Not a single application came in. "I found it hard to believe. The cutest dog ever, he was

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