On December 28, 2022, the three luckiest zodiac signs in love

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You're one of the few who appreciate the end of the year since you don't carry the globe. You'd rather relax with your love companion until the ball drops or you both fall asleep.

Since it's just Wednesday and you have little to do until the ball drops, it seems like today gives you and your spouse the freedom to be themselves


Venus-Sextile Today, Neptune has your mind whirling with ideas that need to be expressed, but do you want to? 

You'll want to with Moon sextile Mercury, and you know who to turn to: your romantic relationship. 


Today, you and your partner will have one of those famous ecstatic fits of hysteria because your jokes are Hall of Fame material.

You met because you both had a deep sense of humour, and once you laughed together, you were hooked. You'll be bored and restless this week.

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